About PieOrama


There's a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt

~ Erma Bombeck~

PieOrama is your antidote for outrage; a whipped-creamery, aerial stress reliever. The PieOrama App is a unique tool to engage and speak your piece to those sowing seeds of hate, division, and misinformation in today's civil, business and political discourse. Keep your eye on the pie, and please enjoy the Pieorama trailer video for the why the Pie in the Orama. There's no vaccine for stupidity, but there's always a pie!




The long-wound version

PieOrama is a politically independent 'speak up and be heard' social media environment designed to promote free speech, tolerance, humor, and humility in our society. We aim to counter-balance some of the collective anger, hopelessness, resentment, intolerance and crippling polarization in today's World, providing our users with tools for calling out those that are sowing seeds of hate and division.





  1. PieOrama is a politically independent organization and the content on our website is created by independent PieOneers. The content does not, in any way, represent the views, politically or otherwise, of PieOrama.
  2. We don't incite or encourage the use of violence. And we don't encourage anyone to go around throwing pies at people out there in the real world.
  3. No living creature was physically harmed during the production of any of these pieograms. If anybody does feel harmed by any of the videos in any way then this illustrates exactly what is wrong with our society, and what we are trying to alleviate. If you should take offence at any of our pieograms, know that you will soon be able download our smartphone and express your own views in the form of  pieograms.
  4. PieOrama.Fun our video app and content generated by our video artists intend to produce and share satire, parody, news, information and other educational materials using the video effect of pies going aerial and skillfully and humorously landing upon the schonozzola of a deserving parties’ video image. The pies are real. No animals or people were physically injured in the making of these videos that again, “simulate” (big word) people receiving a pie in the face.




The PieOrama app

Our iOS App is available now and is arming our users to the teeth with pies of all shapes and flavors! We hope you will stick around and spread the word about PieOrama!




We Need Your Support

PieOrama is entirely self-funded and our journey has only just started. If you like your

pies, feel free to tip @PieBaker below!

♥ First and foremost, please help us spread the word by sharing PieOgrams!

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The History of PieOrama

It all began one day back in 2015 when Cliff was walking by a TV when Sarah Silverman doing her thing. Bill O'Reilly was commenting on her controversial "Last night I was visited by Jesus" advertisement. Bill's reaction was "Boy, I wish I could hit her with a pie... You know that Soupy Sales thing? Bang... Boom!" with which co-hostess Laura Ingraham wholeheartedly agreed. Her response was "Oh yeah!". Cliff's spontaneous reaction was "Yes sir, that sounds pretty fun, I'd like to do that too". And a crude and early concept of PieOrama was born. The next day Cliff went shopping for pie trays and pie ingredients. A makeshift film studio - the Pie Hut - was set up in his backyard. Later that same afternoon the first epic pie throws were recorded.

To make a long story short, somewhere around the beginning of April 2017, Cliff called Chris and said "So hey, do you like pie?... I have this app that I need to develop, I wanna toss pies". Chris said; "I'm a pie-kinda-guy, sure I can probably help you with that". And one thing led to another - many others. Before too long, the project became a full-time pursuit, and after three years of hard work, planning, pie baking, pie throwing, sunburns, lessons in Indian English over poor internet connections, endless conversations, frustration and laughter, we offer you our version 1, PieOrama.fun!

See the Fox News clip that started it all